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 Model FB3A Tape Edge Machine

Model FB3A Tape Edge Machine

Main application & performance:

With the table is supported by high-strength independent bearing, the machine's working table becomes more stable. An inside hidden-power-supply column makes the machine have no special requirement on installation space.

Technical data:

Turning speed auto slow down YES
Sewing head Lock stitch, Chain stitch
Working angle of the sewing head 35 - 55
Sewing thickness range of mattress 50-280mm, 150-400mm, 250-500mm
Lifting of working table electric
Carriage speed (m/min) 5.5-16
Size of the work table 1400×1950mm, 1550×2050mm,  1800×1950mm
Sewing head speed (r/min) 1100 ~ 3000
Motor type Single-phase / three-phase motor
Total power 1.12kw
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