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Model FB6 Tape Edge Machine

Model FB6 Table Auto-turning Mattress Tape Edge Machine

Model FB6 Tape Edge Machine

Model FB-6 tape edge machine is mainly used for sewing mattress. A precision guide track is equipped on its support frame, which makes the walking carriage move accurately and the machine run smoothly. At the same time, its walking carriage running, sewing head tilting angle and working table height are controlled by electricity. This feature makes operation more convenient. It is a perfect equipment for manufacturing high-class mattress.

Technical data:

Sewing head type  Chain stitch 
Sewing head lifting range 0-200mm
Sewing head motor rotary speed  Max 3065r/min 
Carriage speed:  13.6(m/min) 
Tilting angle of sewing head: 35°~ 55°
Sewing mattress thickness: 50~500mm
Table lifting range: 0~400(mm)
Carriage clutching mode  Electromagnet clutching 
Working table size:  20001600(mm), 20001800(mm) 
Productivity 10-20pcs/h
Motor power: 1.65(kw)
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