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Main Application

BOX SPRING (mattress base)

This machine is mainly used to produce one-piece box spring.

BOX SPRING is one kind new-type green environmental protection product. Its special filling - type lattice design has the following superiority as:

* High-effciency
* Economic
* Sturday
* Durable
* Quiet

Convenient and Quick Installation

* No ectra rpquirement for installing spare parts
* Be assembled with 5 pcs wood frame quickly
* Has passed some durability tests such as Natural vertical stamping, rolling and freely falling body pressure.

Charaters as:

* One - piece wire lattice design
* Filling lattice consists of f3.5mm thick wire make this kind foundation more durable and bear more pressure
* This kind filling - type wire lattice extend its contact with mattress, and make its above mattress more stable
* Φ6.2 mm stabilized wire frame make its borders more sturdy, and prevent its side from being askew

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